Project 2020

ASC “Family Welfare (Rodinniy Dobrobut)  – more

Experts and advisors of the AgroCare agricultural advisory service coordinated contractors for the construction of a greenhouse complex with a vegetable garden and 10 warm greenhouses of 9.6×50 meters, a reservoir of 800 m3, drip irrigation and fog systems, daylight in greenhouses – 30 kW of LED light in the spectrum required for certain plants, a 2 MW wood chip boiler house that provides heat to the entire greenhouse complex, underfloor heating in greenhouses, side registers and fan heaters ensure a temperature of +24 C inside the greenhouses at an outside temperature of -20 C. The complex was put into operation in March 2020.

2021 – expansion of the greenhouse complex of Rodynnyi Dobrobut. New monoblocks of modern greenhouses with a total area of 0.9 hectares were installed. The new monoblocks are equipped with a high-tech irrigation and microclimate system.

“Nuts’N’Garden” Farm – more

The AgroCare team has created a high-tech hazelnut orchard from scratch, grown using biodynamic farming, telemetry, irrigation and total control over all growing processes. The hazelnut seedlings are from the best nurseries in Serbia, of the Enis and Roman varieties and the Cosford and Halle pollinators, some of them grafted onto bear nuts. All work began in March, the first part of the garden was planted in April and the entire garden was planted in November 2020. During the planting, all hazelnut seedlings were mycorrhizalized. A white truffle mycelium was created. During the preparation of the site and throughout the year, the principles of biodynamic farming were applied and biological treatments were carried out.

Biodynamic agriculture

On October 15, 20, the next “Days of Biodynamic Preparations” were held near Kyiv, in the picturesque garden of dessert hazelnuts at the Nuts’N’Garden Farm. The weather was most favorable for gathering all interested practitioners and members of the Center for Applied Biodynamics for this event. The necessary plants were collected from all over Ukraine, harvested by caring hands at the optimal time of the year and “containers” for planting the plants. All those present filled this event with their energy and put a part of their souls into creating a large stock of biodynamic preparations in the center of the country.