Nursery of perennial crops

With extensive experience in the creation of turnkey berries, we are faced with the realities of the Ukrainian market with the presence of poor quality planting material of various berry crops and the inability to satisfy the entire market of growing berries with existing quality nurseries. The problem was the large amount of cheap planting material on the Ukrainian market, which was unable to give the planned harvest either immediately or during the following years of vegetation and as a result the inability to obtain the planned profits.

In 2018, a decision was made on the basis of the research and production company EKKO Novation, part of the Zabirya Organic Farm group of companies, to create a modern nursery of perennial berry crops with the highest quality material available in Ukraine and abroad.

In a few months, 8 film greenhouses with a drainage floor and an irrigation and fogging system by the Israeli company Talgil were built. The greenhouses have a telemetry system that allows you to quickly monitor the temperature with humidity and substrate in the root zone of plants. Well, reservoir for 1000 m3, water treatment, built infrastructure, security and storage facilities, installed a fence around the territory.

When growing seedlings from cassettes after invitro laboratory up to two years of age from the root of 2 liters – the capacity of the nursery is 100’000 seedlings.

For two years, organic technical hemp, variety USO-31, was grown on the free territory of the farm. The study of technologies for growing technical varieties took place at the Institute of Bast Cultures in Hlukhiv. The method of organic and biodynamic agriculture was used on the experimental plots.